Humans can create
a better life for ourselves

Personnel training which passes on technology as well as the Japanese spirit.

In order to choose the best solution out of the massive options presented by IoT, the IoT professionals must possess not only profound technical skills, but also high ethics, professional responsibilities and communication skills, such as thoughtfulness and care. We need to establish a sufficient environment for IT specialist training, so that personnel with high IoT expertise will be regarded as professionals, just like doctors, lawyers and architects.

Efficiency produced by IoT does not directly lead to a better QOL or QOI on its own.
It is the task of a L.HOLON facilitator to simulate and execute accumulated know-hows.

A facilitator plays an essential role when handing over our values to the future generation. The world we create through IoT can only become successful with the establishment of a good training scheme to nurture facilitators, and to help them be recognized as highly professional individuals.